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Sunbeam Farm

Boutique breeders of top bloodline alpacas

Bernice and Frank Wahl
6 Homestead Farm Rd (mail)815 Frenchtown Rd (farm)Milford, NJ 08848
908-752-2074, 908-500-5900
Fax: 908-996-7470

Welcome to Sunbeam Farm, located between the river towns of Milford and Frenchtown, in historic Hunterdon County, New Jersey. After working on llama and alpaca farms, I had the opportunity to start my own herd. The farm I worked at was retiring from the business and moving and I was fortunate to acquire some of their animals. They all come from the most well known farms in the industry and have incredible genetics. I truly have top quality animals and I take the task of continuing to produce only top quality, very seriously. Please take a look at our herd and see for yourself. I will be adding information as I go...I am new to this website making thing!

Along with starting our alpaca and llama herd, we have layer chickens and a large, naturally grown vegetable garden. We also, have acres of orchard grass for hay. As we became more health conscious of what goes in and on our bodies, I started making all natural soaps and body butter. Our next goal is to offer grass fed beef, pork, chicken and turkey. In the meantime, come see my boys. They would love to be put to work and no doubt, they will produce some beautiful crias! Come by later this spring and check out our latest additions to Sunbeam Farm.

Farm Terms & Financing

We are willing to work with you on a case by case basis.

My Happy Place!

I may be scooping poop, lugging buckets of water, carrying bales of hay and bags of feed, in the heat of summer or cold of winter; but I am in my happy place. I enter the barnyard and all my worries disappear. I am surrounded by my llamas and alpacas and each one expects a greeting, be it a scratch on the back, a hug, a kiss on those furry lips or just a mention of their name. Instantly, my stress is released and all is right with the world. That's the effect these animals have on you. You gotta love them!